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Formulaires d'embauche

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Declaration of Employment Status
Applicants to Continuing Education postings or AEC postings will be required to complete a "Declaration of Employment Status" form. This form is usually covered as a questionaire in the on-line application process and only needs to be complete in its current form if the applicant is applying with a paper CV or after the application deadline.

Formulaires de paie

Evening Shift Premium Form
For Support Staff only - This form must accompany any timesheet, if there is a working shift where half or more of the regular working hours occur between 18:00 hours and 24:00 hours.

Short Term Employment Contract
This form replaces the contractual payment form. The Short Term Employment Contract should be used for work not covered by the tasks associated with the three collective agreements. Also included are honoraria. An honorarium is a one-time payment to an individual, other than a current employee. Normally this is of a nominal amount and is therefore not considered a contract for services as defined under Bylaw Number 10 nor an employment contract based on hours worked.

Substitution Pay Form
This form is to be completed for substitution of a teacher and must be accompanied by a Certificate of Absence for the teacher.

Veuillez envoyer les contrats d'emploi à court terme à

Feuille de temps du personnel et des étudiants

Veuillez contacter Payroll (

TD1 - Déclaration de crédit d'impôt personnel (Revenu Canada) & TP-1015.3V - Déclaration pour la retenue à la source (Revenu Québec)
Ces formulaires servent à déterminer le montant de l'impôt à retenir sur le revenu d'emploi d'un particulier.
Exemples de personnes qui doivent remplir ces formulaires : les personnes qui :

  • ont un nouvel employeur ;
  • souhaitent modifier les montants précédemment déclarés ;
  • veulent augmenter le montant de l'impôt prélevé à la source ;

Rapport d'absence

Absence due to syndical activity.
Form for reporting absence due to syndical activity.

Certificate of Absence Form - Faculty
Form for reporting absences (illness, vacation, personal day, etc...).

Certificate of Absence Form - Non-Faculty
Form for reporting absences (illness, vacation, personal day, etc...).

Transfer of Availability
Form for teachers to complete to transfer their availability.

Informations personnelles des employés

Self-Identification Questionnaire - Equal Access to Employment
The Act respecting equal access to employment in public bodies is intended to ensure equal representation of groups that frequently encounter discrimination in employment. Dawson is committed to respecting the principles of this Act and providing employment opportunities to competent candidates who belong to the following groups: women, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, ethnic minorities and/or handicapped persons. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Soula Tsafaras.

New Employee Personal Information Form
All new employees to the College must complete this form. Any personal information changes to be made for current employees can be done through Omnivox - Personal file.

Perfectionnement professionnel

Pour en savoir plus, consultez la page Développement professionnel.

Formulaires de demande de remboursement des frais médicaux et dentaires

Pour en savoir plus, consultez la page Assurance et avantages sociaux des employés.

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