Affaires corporatives

Directeur des SIT et des affaires corporatives
François Paradis
Bureau : 4B.4-1
Poste : 1363

Le services des Affaires corporatives est responsable de toutes les questions relatives au fonctionnement du conseil d'administration et du comité exécutif du collège, au respect des lois et des règlements du gouvernement ainsi que des règlements et des politiques du collège. Ce bureau est également chargé de :


Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Governing Board Members
This policy establish the rules of ethics and professional conduct governing the members of the Board of Governors of the College.

Conflict of Interest and Nepotism Policy
This policy is to set a framework under which College employees and members of the Board of Governors may operate while avoiding situations that may constitute a conflict of interest or nepotism.

Policy on Records Digitization

Policy on the Naming of College Spaces and Services
This policy is to assign names in the college in honor of persons or organizations and to make recommendations regarding those proposals to the Board of Governors.

Procurement and Management of Contracts
In compliance with the directive from the Treasury Board, and in conjunction with Bylaw 10, this document establishes the rules for the management of contracts entered into by the College

Records Management Policy

Whistleblower Policy
The aim of this policy is to facilitate the disclosure, in the public interest, of wrongdoings committed or about to be committed in relation to Dawson College and establish a general protection regime against reprisals.

Code d'éthique et de déontologie des membres du conseil d'administration

Confidentiality Policy
The confidentiality policy has been put in place to ensure that the personal information collected on its website remains confidential.

Politique de Confidentialité
La politique de confidentialité est mise en place afin d’assurer la préservation de la confidentialité des renseignements personnels collectés sur son site Internet.

Dernière modification : 21 octobre 2021