Policy to Stem Violence, Discrimination, Harassment and the Abuse of Power
Dawson College recognizes that all its employees and students are entitled to a respectful and harmonious work and/or study environment free from violence, discrimination, all forms of harassment, and the abuse of power, where respect of the individual’s dignity, physical and psychological integrity are safeguarded. To this end, Dawson College will take all reasonable measures to prevent incidents of violence, discrimination, harassment and the abuse of power, and, when informed of such incidents whether informally or formally in writing, will intervene to address them.

Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (ISEP)
Dawson College is committed to maintaining standards of academic excellence and promoting equitable and effective evaluation of student learning. The Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (ISEP) outlines the roles and responsibilities of students, teachers and administrators with regard to student evaluation, and sets out the rules about assessment, grades and academic standing.

Policy on Ombudservices
The object of this policy is to delineate the roles, responsibilities, sphere of activity, reporting structure and process for nomination of the ombudspersons of Dawson College.

Dernière modification : 15 septembre 2015